AlertMD® aims to play its part in helping the country recover from the pandemic. The company announced that it will provide free enrollment for its 6-second appointment scheduling platform and free appointment messages for the first 100,000 shot appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine for each customer that enrolls on or before February 1, 2021. Health systems with the infrastructure to administer the shots are invited to enroll in the free program.

How Does it Work?

AlertMD will use its Margie® solution to contact your patients and offer a 6-second scheduling process to schedule the first and the second shots. No password/pin/login and complications like that with our simple scheduling solution. 

Automatically locate the closest locations to patient homes

6-second process to schedule the first and  second shots

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AlertMD integrates into any major EHR/Practice Management System. After sign up, interface connectivity and system configuration, go-live will be 2 weeks or less.

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Join the Discussion, Sign up Now!

Join the Discussion. Sign up now!

Join the Discussion. Sign up now!

AlertMD Provides Free Enrollment and Free Messages

Additional Premium Workflows: patient consent, reminders, post-shot follow-up on side effects, driving directions and more.

Live statisitcs on compliance and reporting

Reminders for 2nd Shots

Message all eligible patients